Amazing Instagram Likes Statistics for 2015

Here are some incredible statistics you might enjoy about the most popular social site called Instagram.

  1. There are over 300 million monthly users using IG.
  2. Daily they have around 75 million users.
  3. 13% of the Internet uses Instagram everyday.
  4. 30% of U.S. teens consider it the most popular social network.
  5. 41% of the users are age 16-24 years old
  6. 100% of the Instagram Likes can come from
  7. 49% of the users are Female which the males love.
  8. 2015 around 60% of the users are from the United States.
  9. 51% of high schoolers in the 2014 class use Instagram.
  10. 23% of teens consider IG their social network of choice.
  11. 18% of Irelands internet users participate in using Instagram.